Silva: Mbappe Will Be Suitable For PSG

Silva: Mbappe Will Be Suitable For PSG

PSG captain Thiago Silva believes that Kylian Mbappe will be able to make a positive contribution to his team Agen Togel Online.

Post to bring Neymar, PSG reportedly intend to make the French striker as the last important piece for their team. Silva is happy to welcome the rumors, and believes that Mbappe will succeed at Parc Des Princes.

“Mbappe, he always wants to score goals, he also has a good dribel ability,” said the Brazilian defender told reporters.

“I think for a team like Paris, where we always like the good players. He will definitely be a very important player, and very attractive to the team. ”

“From what I see on TV, he also seems to have a good emotional stability.”

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