Reunion with Widodo, Sriwijaya FC Shoot Victory

Widodo Cahyono Putro

Reunion with Widodo, Sriwijaya FC Shoot Victory

After defeating PS TNI 2-1 on Friday (14/7/2017) ago, Sriwijaya FC again faced a heavy opponent in the fifteenth week of League 1 Minuman Setelah Olah Raga. Laskas Wong Kito will host Bali United at Gelang Sriwijaya Stadium Jakabaring, Palembang, Wednesday (14/7/2017) 19/7/2017).

Before serving Sriwijaya FC, Bali United has just slaughtered Barito Putera with a score of 5-0. Nevertheless, Sriwijaya FC still targets the full points of whoever his opponent.

“It’s true that we have a lot of difficult opponents, but all have been agreed upon until the first round is over, we have to wipe it off with a win at home,” said Sriwijaya coach Hartono Ruslan in Palembang on Monday (07/17/2017).

Hartono realized if in a later game skuat besutannya will reunite with Widodo Cahyono Putro who ever mixed Sriwijaya FC for a season. In fact, the current team composition is believed Widodo formation before management fired ahead of the competition.

However, he is very confident if foster children will play professional. “I’m sure the team will be professional, we have all agreed our target is to wipe the entire home game, although dealing with former coaches even though the team still does not change the target,” he explained.

The same thing also said Tim Captain Yu Hyun Ko. South Korean players who previously absent this claim to be ready to perform optimally for the sake of securing three points at home.

“We are going to play with all our strengths for Sriwijaya FC, but we will have a coach with Widodo, but the match will be professional, it’s a matter of football, every player or coach can move clubs,” he concluded.

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