Odemwingie pursue another target with Madura United

Odemwingie pursue another target with Madura United

Madura United striker, Peter Odemwingie, admitted that his chances to become top scorer in League 1 was vanquished.

However, he will still play seriously in the rest of the game and pursue the target with Madura United.

Odemwingie had become a strong candidate top scorer League 1.

The pace of his goal flowed profusely to become the first player to score more than 10 goals.

However, he suffered an injury and his performance declined.

Odemwingie scored a goal now stuck in the number 13.

Former West Brom and Stoke City players are left far from the top scorer while League 1 is held by Sylvano Comvalius who has scored 30 goals.

“The chance to be top scorer is gone because I got a long enough injury I’ve missed that chance but I want to finish the season well with the team,” Odemwingie said.

No longer insisted on pursuing a top scorer title, it does not mean Odemwingie will play without motivation.

36-year-old players still have high motivation. This time, he will divert his motivation to bring Madura United into the top three standings.

“I hope to bring the team to the top three, that’s our target,” Odemwingie said.

Odemwingie himself has just undergone a comeback after a long injury.

He appeared when Madura United host Pusamania Borneo FC, Friday (13/10/2017) then. He had scored, but then the goal was disallowed for offside.

“Honestly I’m still not in a 100 per cent condition but I’m happy because I was finally able to make a comeback with Madura United, I’m sad because I’ve got an injury on my leg,” said the former Nigerian striker.

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