Former Agent Neymar Wants His Clients Join Real Madrid

Former Agent Neymar Wants His Clients Join Real Madrid

Former agent Neymar claims he wants his client if he joins Real Madrid rather than Barcelona.

In a media interview last Friday, Wagner Ribeiro also revealed that Kaka’s move to Milan in 2003 was the worst thing in his career and why he was ‘at odds’ with Real Madrid before Robihno joined Manchester City five years later.

“The worst thing that ever happened during my career was the removal of Kak,” the agent told the media.

“He was sold to Milan in 2003 for a fee of 8.5 million euros. He does not have a long time in his contract, Sao Paulo does not have any part of the players and he is eager to arrive in Europe.

“Neymar? I am no longer his agent. Now the agent is his own father, but it’s true that we work together because we’re so close.

“I was his agent when he was 12 years old and made him two contracts with Santos, but when he grew big, his father took over everything through his company.

“Neymar I consider like my own child. His father is very trustworthy, I like that and respect him.

“I was sent a bid from Chelsea and Real Madrid through Santos. The offer from Barcelona went straight to his father. I want him to join Madrid, I always say that.

“Economically, because the offer is better for Santos and even for the players themselves. But he decided to join Barcelona because they are the team that is in his heart.

“Robinho? He was really glorious while in Madrid, he was a player at that time.

“He can create and contribute goals. The problem is that there is one offer coming from Chelsea, and since he does not win more than Zidane and Ronaldo, I started to quarrel with Madrid, so they will pay him the same value as the English club, which may be worth three times as much.

“Madrid agreed to pour more money than Chelsea, but in the end came City …”

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