Do not Want Fiji Contra Incident Recurring, PSSI Will Tighten Security Action Timnas Opponents Cambodia

Do not Want Fiji Contra Incident Recurring, PSSI Will Tighten Security Action Timnas Opponents Cambodia

PSSI in cooperation with the Indonesian National Police will tighten security in the implementation of two friendly matches that will be held at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (4/10). Around 2,380 personnel will be involved from the combined elements of Police and internal security of PSSI.

This is done by the highest soccer federation in Indonesia is because when entertaining Fiji, on September 2, 2017, led to fatalities.

Not lost from our memory, there is one supporters of Indonesia national team died of exposed firecrackers ignited fellow fans from different stands. They do not want it to happen again. Moreover, this game is predicted to be filled with the audience considering there are two games that will be presented PSSI.

The first match will feature Indonesia U-19 national team against U19 Cambodia national team. This match will start at 18.30. After this match is over, the fans will be served the second match that brings senior Indonesian national team against Cambodia. The game starts at 21.30.

Head of Infrastructure Safety and Security PSSI, Nugroho Setiawan, confirmed his team had learned from previous experience. PSSI seeks to improve the security system inside and outside the stadium.

“We have designed a security system that synergized with the police. Audience to the audience will be more stringent and we appeal to the fans not to bring goods that are forbidden to be brought into the stadium, “said Nugroho.

Some objects that are not allowed to be brought among supporters, cigarettes, firecrackers, laser lights, matches, cigarettes, smoke bombs, sticks and any kind of goods that can be used as weapons. In addition, also banners that read messages outside of soccer and sports. Supporters are also not allowed to carry alcoholic beverages.

“We want the safety and comfort issues of watching at the stadium we watch together. Therefore we also expect awareness and cooperation from all parties. We want to create an atmosphere that is comfortable to watch and safe for all, “said Nugroho.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha Destria is very optimistic that the incident will not be repeated if the supporters listen to instructions that are called by the security.

“We will continue to campaign and socialize this. Of course we also expect help from other parties, such as clubs and the media. No less important is also the consciousness of the supporters. The point is the security of our shared responsibility, “Tisha explained.

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