Called Candidate Champion, Coach Bhayangkara FC Not Jemawa

Called Candidate Champion, Coach Bhayangkara FC Not Jemawa

After defeating the host PS TN 1-0, Bhayangkara FC more confident Judi Dadu. Bhayangkara victory goal in the match at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, Sunday (3/9/2017) night local time, printed Ilija Spasojevic 37 minutes.

An additional three points make Bhayangkara FC tightly cling to Bali United at the top of the league 1st league 2017. Simon McMenemy’s concoction squad is ranked second with 43 points, one point difference from Bali United.

Bhayangkara is getting more and more. In fact, many observers say if the team is headquartered in Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, it is one of three strong champion candidates.

However, the FC Bhayangkara coach Simon McMenemy does not want to jemawa. He called his team just trying to win every game there.

“The players have played as I expected and wanted but they should not be lulled, because now every game is final,” said the Scot from Bogor on Monday (4/9/2017).

On the other hand, Simon also reminded that players do not feel satisfied quickly. Given the match is still long. “It will be a tough match this weekend and we have to be ready because at the first meeting we lost,” said Simon.

Roma, according to him, is a dangerous team because the skill of players is evenly distributed. “A little guard must be exhausted, so the key is concentration and focus,” he said.

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