13 Facts Everton Vs Arsenal: Rooney and Red Card Tradition

13 Facts Everton Vs Arsenal: Rooney and Red Card Tradition

Everton contra Arsenal match produced seven goals. Arsenal became the winner of the thriller match at the Goodison Park Stadium after a 5-2 lead Kaisarjudi123.com.

Two Everton goals were born via Wayne Rooney (12 ‘) and Oumar Niasse (90’ + 3 ‘). Arsenal poured five goals via Nacho Monreal (40 ‘), Mesut Özil (53’), Alexandre Lacazette (74 ‘), Aaron Ramsey (90’) and Alexis Sánchez (90 ‘+ 5’).

Everton lost a player due to get a red card in the 68th minute. According to Everton manager Ronald Koeman, losing Idrissa Gueye makes the game unbalanced and foster children increasingly difficult to develop the game.

“It’s very difficult when you lose one player against Arsenal, and are chasing goals.” We started the game well, including a superb goal from Rooney, “said Koeman, on Everton’s official website.

Here are the facts after the match Everton Vs Arsenal:
13 Interesting Facts

1. Everton and Arsenal meetings have created four red cards from the last five matches in the Premier League stage.

2. The Everton counter-Arsenal party produced 10 shots on target in the first half. The record became the most this season.

3. Petr Cech conceded 7 goals from Wayne Rooney’s action in the Premier League stage, and it became the most compared to other players throughout the career in the Premiership stage.

4. Wayne Rooney collected 12 goals counter Arsenal, most than any other player in Premier League history.

5. Arsenal became the first team to score 100 goals into one goal opponent, namely Everton, throughout the history of the Premier League.

6. Arsene Wenger receives three prizes on the anniversary of 2005, 2006 and 2017.

7. Lacazette scored 27 goals throughout 2017 throughout the competition.

8. Mesut Ozil became the player who has the most number of assists since its debut in September 2013, ie 43 assists.

9. Mesut Ozil recorded has 8 times statistics opens scoring opportunities for Arsenal. The record was the most compared to the other players in the Premier League 2017-2018.

10. Arsenal scored 23 goals with a header in the Premier League stage from 2016-2017.

11. Nacho Monreal scored two goals in the last three games in the Premier League stage. In fact, before he scored one goal in 140 matches.

12. Arsenal made 6 shots in Everton’s first-half counter at Goodison Park. The record makes Arsenal the most fertile team in shooting the opponent’s net while on the road away.

13. Arsenal conquered Everton 95 times, and has the most status in the history of English football.

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